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We combined nature and technology to create genuine, natural indoor air. We create natural air indoors in exactly the same way as nature does outdoors, but we enhanced the process up to 100 times more efficient! Our patented FreshWall has an air purification capacity of 6300 ordinary houseplants. So fresh, so clean. Demand healthy indoor air to your working environment. Do not settle for repeated headaches, fatigue and unhealthy chemicals. Call us and we will explain how you will profit from our FreshWall!

We have provided these customers with the best natural indoor climate

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Our customers say:

”As it has been scientifically proven, with FreshWalls the indoor air quality improves and people feel better – which is what we have experienced here as well”
- Jorma Nieminen, The Youth Art Workshop

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”FreshWall makes the good indoor air even better and healthier, which is exactly the kind of indoor air one needs in a meeting room”
- Reijo Kujala, Total Kiinteistöpalvelut Oy

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”I know that it works. FreshWall has been really useful and of concrete help, and by no means would I want to work without it.”
- Marja Hänninen-Helin, teacher

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NaturVention News:
NaturVention’s software is designed with ironclad expertise

In August our software design and production were assigned to a sure-handed expert, Toni Aalto. Toni is in charge of the software of our products and also acts as the IT support of our team. The maint...

In cooperation with microbes
4/4 Food, clean water, and buildings from microbes

In cooperation with microbes: 1/4 Microbes are a prerequisite for life 2/4 Microbes keep us healthy 3/4 Let's get exposed! The humankind has for thousands of years known how to use microbes. The...

NaturVention News:
Investment of more than one million euros to accelerate NaturVention's growth

NaturVention Ltd, a growth company solving challenges regarding the quality of indoor air, has received a funding of 1,1 million euros to boost its international growth. The investors are The Finnish ...

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Our culture is built around our core values. We are passionate about what we are doing and proud of what we accomplish, every day. We are building a winning team culture and we rely on strong cooperation, demanding goals and doing good.

Openness. We work openly and we appreciate every contact with people around us – be it a team member, a delivery guy, a client or an investor. We believe that this way we will be able to build a brighter future for all of us.

Trust. We define trust as faith in persons good will, and we will try to cherish it in our words, actions, and business. We believe that good goes around comes around.

Pioneering. We believe that the best players in the right roles achieve the outstanding results by being themselves, choosing the most suitable work habits for themselves and by taking controlled risks when finding the best way to work.

Taking care of others. We demand everybody to take responsibility of one’s actions, but we leave no one alone. We believe that by taking care of each other and by supporting and helping each other we are creating a better tomorrow. We praise, thank and encourage.

Action. Action and moving forward is the most important thing, and well, sometimes everything does not pan out in the first time. So we are here to learn quickly and share what we learn so we can collectively improve even faster. We achieve results without cutting corners.

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